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I just wanted to share the following with more people...

Quote from: srebak on October 19, 2013, 22:58:53
And as far as Megagents' comment goes, one could easily the same thing if someone stopped a hungry Tiger from eating a human. How is the Tiger the bad guy here? He/she is just an animal trying to find something to eat, it's not his/her fault that a human wandered into their hunting grounds. Yet numerous shows and movies make the hungry animal look like an antagonist solely on the fact that they're trying to kill a human or another animal, nevermind that they have to do so to survive.</quote>

I tell you an interesting story about that... and it is a true one to boot!

It happened in Africa, and it was a female lion, she went close to a small human village to search for prey, but to her, humans are no prey, so there was a lil kid sitting there, being not aware that a lion could be dangerous, and the lioness did nothing to the kid,

But quite some metres away, a women came along, saw the lioness, started screaming and ran away, and that triggered the "hunt a pray!" program in the tigress, so she jumped the women and killed her. Not that she really wanted to, she not even ate much of the dead women, this was just her limbic system animal behaviour that got triggered by the "prey" behaviour of the women, and since the kid did not show signs of distress and fleeing, the tigress did not see the kid as a prey and ignored it...

Also, when there are so many men killing tigers in India seems to be a man made issue as well...

In some parts of India, quite some people are too poor to burn their dead, so they let the bodies into the river, and the bodies just float away.... But the tigers find the bodies and so get to know how humans taste and that they could be used as prey...

In the 1970th or  1980th, when I was in Canada, I and a grizzle and I met by chance in the wilderness. I just stayed calm cause I had no idea that this fluffy huge animal could be dangerous, while my mom and other relatives were quite distressed! They tried to distract the grizzly to leave me alone, but he was not interested in me as a prey. (Maybe it was a she, dunno...) But since I stayed calm, the grizzly not lay one single claw on me... and just went its way. xD

And I got a huge scolding from my mom and all the relatives and not understood why they all have been so mad with me...  Tongue

P.S. I have the written permission of srebak @ ASN to use her / his above quote on other sites.
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The-Blue-Dragon-Lord Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I was looking at my old messages on ASN when I decided to login and saw that you were banned... What happened?

We once spoke about Tyzula, earlier this year. :XD: I'm not a very active member on there, so I missed what happened. I only look at the Smoke and Shadow thread for any Azula mention. LOL!
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:iconpyrodanceplz: Happy Birthday! :iconpyrodanceplz:
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Late reply is late. I would gladly have cerebrated it on ASN, but for reasons unknown to me, seemingly I got banned, for attacking an admin, something I cannot recall having done. :O_o:
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may I ask how you found me/choose to ask to become my friend?
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